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All of us banjo players have our favorite tunings, especially for clawhammer.  A most useful link with many tunings is Anita Kermode's on Donald Zepp's site.  Recently Art Rosenbaum published a book with 42 tunings to explore.  I mostly use the following tunings:

Open G or A:  gDGBD, aEAC#E

Double C or D:  gCGCD, aDADE

Sawmill:  gDGCD

Old G:  gDGBE

Little Birdie:  eCGAD



Banjo Tunings

Banjo Tunings

Watch Now

The video tunes use these tunings, including some unusual ones:

gDGBD -- Waynesboro

gDGBbD -- Goodbye My Honey I'm Gone

fDGCD -- Horses in the Canebrake

f#CEAD -- A Big Win (original)

gCGCE -- Cattlettsburg

f#F#F#C#E -- Tracks (original) (4th string is octave below 3rd)

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