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Clyde Davenport

Clyde Davenport's smooth and interesting fiddling is all worth hearing and learning. Some is included on the Slippery Hill site, since Jeff Titon recorded Clyde extensively.  His clawhammer banjo is equally good.  


Born in 1921 in Pisgah County, Kentucky, Clyde also made fiddles and banjos, though it's said he never kept one, but traded them all away.   His father, Will, also a fiddler, discovered his 8 year-old son's talent when Clyde had a broken leg and needed something to do. 


Clyde lived until 2020 to the wonderful old age of 99.  He was still lucid and enjoyed friends till the end. His music is well-respected and won him a National Endowment for the Arts Heritage Fellowship in 1992.  I'm playing some of his tunes here in the clawhammer banjo style.  Tabs are posted on this site.

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