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Melvin Wine

Born in 1909 in Braxton County, this West Virginia fiddler always seemed to have a smile on his face.  He learned to fiddle from his father, but only after sneaking his father's fiddle out to try.  


There's a wonderful biography of him written by Drew Beisswenger entitled Fiddling Way Out Yonder (check out the link).  His life is described as a coal miner, farmer, cattleman, lumberjack, fiddler and family man.  Stories about his music and interviews are included.  


Another good reading source about Melvin Wine is included in Erynn Marshall's book There's Music in the Air Somewhere (again, check out this link).  Some of his music is included with the book. 


Melvin's tunes and even their titles are irresistibly appealing.  A few of my clawhammer arrangements are included here in the jukebox.  Tabs are posted on this site.

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