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Dwight Diller's Music

Dwight Diller is a living legend. Born in West Virginia and inspired to learn the traditional music of his region, he continues to pass it on. His talented and hard-working neighbors, the Hammons family, shared their music and lifestyle with him and Dwight has generously shared it with us through his banjo, fiddle, and singing.  Of late his recommendation is to limit one's repertoire to fewer tunes and totally internalize them.  Following that advice, several of his versions are on my personal list to play over and over and over.  I never get tired of them!  In the following recordings I attempt to capture some of that enthusiastic spirit for West Virginia music with my own banjo. Included are tunes whose sources are the Hammons Family -- Edden, Lee, Burl, and Sherman. (Though Lee was a neighbor, he wasn't related to the others Hammonses.)  Tabs for some tunes are on this site. 

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