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The following tunes are mostly clawhammer arrangements of fiddle, traditional and Celtic tunes.  A few are 3-finger picked. Many of the tabs (a type of musical notation) are found under my Tabs section.  These tunes have been uploaded on Banjo Hangout, on my homepage (free BHO membership). 

Across the Plains, Backstep Cindy, Granny Will Your Dog Bite, Bells of Saint Mary, Bill Katon's Reel ,Billy in the Lowland, Blackberry Blossom, Blue Goose, Boys of Bluehill, Buckhorn, Bull of the Woods, Calloway, Chattanooga, Cherokee Shuffle, Cherry Blossom Waltz, Cold Frosty Morning, Cousin Sally Brown, Cripple Creek, Cuckoo's Nest, Cumberland Gap, Dead Man's Piece, Denver Belle, Dorrigo, Down at the Mouth of Old Stinson, Dry and Dusty, Ducks on the Pond, Eighth of January, Emmett Lundy's Cotillion, Fair Morning Hornpipe, Falls of Richmond, Farewell to Erin, Feilim's Little Boat, Fine Times at our House, Fire on the Mountain, Five Miles of Ellum Wood, Flannery's Dream, Flatbush Waltz, Folding Down the Sheets, Georgia Row, Gilda Roy, Give Me Your Hand, Glory in the Meeting House, Goodbye, Old Paint, Granddad's Favorite, Great Big Taters in Sandy Land, Green Pastures, Grey Eagle, Grub Springs, Gypsy Dance, Hangman's Reel, Hannah in the Springhouse, Hard Times, Haste to the Weedding, High up on Tug, Home Sweet Home, Horse and Buggy-O, Indian on a Stump, Jack Danielson's Reel, Jackson's Hornpipe, Jail Break, Kitchen Girl, Lady of the Lake, Limpin' Sal, Little Dog, Londonderry Hornpipe, Lonesome Polly Ann, Lost Boy, Lost Girl, Lost Gander, Lulworth Moon, Madame Butterfly, Molly Sue, Nancy Dawson, O and K Train, Oh Susannah, Ol' Bob, Old Aunt Atkinds, Old Aunt Jenny with Her Nightcap On, Old Beech Leaves, Hogs in the Pasture, Old Blue Bonnet, Old Reuben, Old Joe, One Hand, One Heart, Over the Waterfall, Paddy on the Turnpike, Patriotic, Possum Up a Simmon Tree, Queen of the Earth and Child of the Sky 

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