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The Ozark Mountains include southern Missouri and northern Arkansas, with a bit of Kansas and Oklahoma.  Its music has a distinction in being much like Appalachian music, but also include blues, rags and other musical forms. Some of the well-known names of Ozarks fiddlers and musicians are Jimmy Driftwood, Absie Morrison, Art Galbraith, Gene Goforth (who influenced John Hartford greatly), Violet Hensley, Bob Holt, Vesta Johnson, Lonnie Robertson, Cecil Snow, Fred Stoneking, Cyril Stinnett, Bob Walters, Dwight Lamb, Earl Collins, Uncle Dick Hutchison, Nile Wilson, R.P. Christeson, Lyman Enloe, and one who currently plays and enthusiastically supports the music, Charlie Walden.  My clawhammer tabs for the tunes included in this jukebox are found either under TABS or MORE TABS.

Here is a link to view Charlie Walden's 100 Essential Missouri Fiddle Tunes,.  See how many you know already.   

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