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John Hartford is a name so many have somehow heard of.  Perhaps it was as a child watching the Glen Campbell or the Smothers Brothers on TV.  Perhaps it was his impact on "Newgrass" in the 70's with the album Steam-Powered Aereoplane. Perhaps it was his musical contribution to Oh Brother, Where Art Thou, or perhaps it's simply because you're into old-time fiddle and banjo music or bluegrass.  


John experienced so much in his life and made his dreams a reality.  He was a river pilot and his success from the song Gentle on My Mind gave him the freedom to pursue music all his life.  He played with many of the greats of our time and sought after the music of those who had passed away, especially Ed Haley, the blind fiddler from West Virginia and Kentucky.  


His music influenced me more recently when I began pursuing the old-time fiddle tunes which are my passion.  In this jukebox I share what John has given me.

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