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Tunes and More Tunes!

One gets the feeling that clawhammer has a new following and that it's growing internationally. The old-time music, much of it associated with the Appalachian region and its predecessor in the British Isles, is still being passed around. It's played in jams, at festivals, for dances, in concerts, and is taught in schools, including colleges. I'm amazed at what I began learning as a college student just as an extra-curricular hobby is stronger than ever as a serious pursuit.

As I work on tunes that are new for me each week it's most gratifying, like meeting new friends. This week only I've worked on five tunes -- On Christmas Eve (an Instagram post for #banjototw), Frosty Morn (the new Banjo Hangout Tune of the Week), Betty Likens (a Henry Reed tune), Rocking Our Babies to Sleep (from Henry Reed's sons and a future TOTW on Banjo Hangout), and Git Up in the Morning (a minstrel tune). Our volunteer gig in the near future (with my husband in our duet called Plinky and Plunky) doesn't require much practice, and so my musical time may be devoted to this learning journey I began in 1974.

If you're getting benefit from my site it would be fun to hear from you. I know people from through the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Norway, and Australia are looking here every day, which gives me much joy. I love the music so much and enjoy the banjo with a passion that sharing it through my site has been a joyful activity. It will be even more so if I know who may be benefitting and enjoying My Banjo World. Thanks in advance for your comments.

Janet Beth Burton

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My Banjo World is meant to be a website to share and document the work I've put into banjo. It's play more than work, but you know what I mean. I'm also open to helping anyone with learning a tune

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