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Why a Tune of the Week or Month?

This weekly or monthly feature has really captured my attention and efforts. The challenge of learning a new tune by listening, arranging, practicing and recording is as fun and stimulating for me as a crossword puzzle or sudoku is for others. I'll not forget what Dwight Diller said about a regular such feature: "Pox on Tune of the Week!" He believes in internalizing a tune and playing it often and regularly.

This week a Tune of the Week on Banjo Hangout is Biddy. I recalled learning this a while back and sure enough found that a lesson with Adam Hurt in 2016 had assigned me the task of listening to Edden Hammons play Biddy. I had a month to arrange my own and present it to Adam. Five years later it's the TOTW and I've already worked it out. This gave me an opportunity to re-visit and alter a couple of parts. The re-recording is clearer (my microphone was upgraded) and I like the changes. Though I haven't played Biddy in ages, re-visiting it has been a pleasant experience.

My TOTWs and TOTMs are a veritable encyclopedia of tunes. They're a resource of hundreds of tunes, many of which I love, and I share them freely here. Because of Tune of the Month on the Facebook page Clawhammer Rules, I've made ten "Tabtorials," which have their own tab on the site. These videos show you how I play the tune and include simultaneous tab as you hear me.

Many people don't have the time to work on a new tune every week and that's understandable. But I've made time even when I was teaching full time. I'm now coordinator for the feature on Banjo Hangout and on Clawhammer Rules on Facebook. I participate in TOTM on Clawhammer Banjo on Facebook. I'm part of the team on Instagram that rotates every couple of months to choose and present a tune. There's probably nobody else who engages in it as much as I do.

It's just one of my favorite things!

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My Banjo World is meant to be a website to share and document the work I've put into banjo. It's play more than work, but you know what I mean. I'm also open to helping anyone with learning a tune

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